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Sons of Scotland

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Sons of Scotland

Postby Northwood » Sat Jan 30, 2016 4:16 pm

This is an organization I am just learning about, I have some Scottish heritage, so will explore more....


At the Sons of Scotland, we preserve and promote Scottish heritage and culture in Canada. As a fraternal association we provide social activities for our members and encourage involvement in our communities. We also offer life insurance and financial products for the benefit of our members. You don’t need to be Scottish to be a member; we welcome all those who have an interest.

Canada is a rich mosaic of cultures – one being the Scots. Canadian history resounds with the ring of Scottish surnames, each contributing to the founding building and developing of our great nation. Names such as Fraser, MacDonald, Mckenzie and Bell have helped to weave a tartan pattern into the fabric of Canada.

The Sons of Scotland is a non-profit, member-oriented, fraternal benefit association. We involve ourselves with community events, local charitable organizations and organize activities for members, family and friends to attend. There are regular opportunities each month to meet with “folks like yourself”, featuring entertainment with a distinctly Scottish flavour… Robbie Burns’ suppers, ceilidhs, picnics, BBQs and trips.

At the Sons of Scotland, we are proud to be Scottish Canadians. Active participation in Scottish Highland and Country Dancing, Piping, the Highland Games and the wearing of our Scottish attire help to keep our heritage alive and kicking!

Volunteers Helping Clean the EnvironmentEach month, we get together to celebrate our Scottish heritage. Across Canada you can find Hogmanay dances, Burns’ suppers, St. Andrews nights, Ceilidhs (parties), picnics, trips and much more hosted by our local Camps.

However, we do more than just socialize. As a Benevolent Association, we are active in charitable giving and events. We help national and local organizations raise funds for important causes.

We support highland games and other Scottish cultural events across Canada. We also offer bursaries for post-secondary students.

Locations Include: Victoria, Chilliwack, New Westminster, Vancouver, Vernon, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, & Montreal.

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Re: Sons of Scotland

Postby NickC » Sun Jan 31, 2016 1:58 pm

Reading (carefully) between the lines, it appears that Scotsmen intend to conquer and annex Canada through strength of arms, tossing telephone poles high into the air, tug of war, hammer throw, dancing, and competitive haggis eating.

Since you Sir Robin are part of the advance guard, I expect a good showing from you and your clan. I look forward to seeing the Scottish flag flying over Canada ..... or perhaps the name'll be changed to, appropriately, New Scotland?
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Re: Sons of Scotland

Postby DaveFry » Sun Jan 31, 2016 4:46 pm

At the time of the English Civil War , Oliver Cromwell got rid of 1200 Scottish prisoners of war by sending them to ........

..... Jamaica !

Now , Jamaica has more Campbells per head of population than Scotland . ... _Scotland/
Apparently , some of the remotest parts of the interior , up in the Blue Mountains ( where the coffee and high-altitude ganja comes from ) are still guarded in a closed clan fashion . It was there that Marley retreated after being shot and he wrote " Misty Morning " there .
The Scotch Bonnet chili pepper comes from Jamaica , and also Gil Scott-Heron's soccer-playing father .

The southernmost tip of the South Island of New Zealand is another place colonised by Scots .

This Gaspe fiddle sounds like a curious mix of my local Jersey folk music but with a Scottish twist . ( I love the way they say " eh ? " like Channel Islanders )
Bill Evans quote ; "Perhaps it is a peculiarity of mine that despite the fact that I am a professional performer, it is true that I have always preferred playing without an audience."

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