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Attawapiskat First Nation Suicide Crisis

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Attawapiskat First Nation Suicide Crisis

Postby Northwood » Wed Apr 13, 2016 9:15 am

Posting this as it needs as much exposure as possible. Our Canadian leaders have failed this and many other aboriginal communities.

  • 11 suicide attempts in the past month, 28 in March 2016
  • isolated First Nation tribe in Kenora District, northern Ontario, Canada
  • population around 2,000 on the reserve
  • former chief Theresa Spence had a hunger strike in 2013 to protest over the Canadian government not providing enough money, education and health care for the tribe
  • had a state of emergency in 2011, the third in three years, due to low temperatures and insufficient housing

Note: some views are contrary, take from it what you will... ... ncy-debate ... nversation ... ous-people ... e29605353/
The band website:

If you are Canadian, write your MP and MPP/MLA and let them know your thoughts.

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